Welcome to Andrew’s Notes, by me, Andrew Nemr. In 2018, I began to keep a daily writing practice of concise thoughts, inspired by none other than Seth Godin. A little under a year later, an international move, a new job, and a subsequent case of burnout, ended that practice. I tried again in the middle of the global COVID-19 pandemic, and experienced another false start.

As a performing artist struggling to make things work in the middle of a global shutdown, my writing practice suffered.

I’ve missed it, but realize the kind of support I need to make it work. This isn’t just for me. These thoughts, ideas, and provocations are meant to be shared. But there is time, effort, and skill (but you’ll be the judge of that), to get these out. That’s why my notes are now on Substack.

What I write, I publish here. My current frequency is about one article a week. Topics include embodiment, identity, love, faith, and community. I explore the connectivity of things, and how a shift in thinking in one area can completely change our perspective in another.

Everything here is current, true to my life, and based on my experiences creating this body of work, and encounters with God and people.

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