Welcome to The Notes with…me! Andrew Nemr. I think…a lot…and tap dance, too. My journey has taken me through the overlapping paradigms of oral traditions, embodiment through dance, spiritual formation, and the proposition of the Kingdom of God (and all that comes with it) as described by Jesus Christ.

What I write, I publish here. My current frequency is about one article a week. Topics include embodiment, identity, love, faith, and community. I explore the connectivity of things, and how a shift in thinking in one area can completely change our perspective and action in another.

Everything here is current, true to my life, and based on my experiences creating this body of work, and encounters with God and people.

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Weekly thoughts at the intersection of what we believe, what we do, and who we become. Oh yeah, and tap dance. Soli Deo Gloria.


Andrew Nemr
I tap dance...among other things.