Welcome to The Notes! an exploration of spiritual formation and creativity, the joy of tap dancing, and an inside look of my own creative work. After more than 20 years as an international performing and teaching artist, I began talking on account of a TED Fellowship.

My journey has taken me through the overlapping paradigms of oral traditions, embodiment, spiritual formation, and the proposition of the Kingdom of God as displayed and described by Jesus Christ.

The Notes are my exploration of the profound connection of the above ideas. Topics range as I explore the connectivity of things, and how a shift in thinking in one area can completely change our perspective and action in another.

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The Notes are organized into different sections, each with a unique focus.

Talking Notes – Podcast w/ transcript + links, ideas and conversations at the intersection of spiritual formation and creativity.

Tap Dance Notes – Weekly explorations in Tap Dance Land (1min videos).

Studio Notes – Updates from my art and studio projects.

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Asking the QuestionsWeekly articles exploring powerful questions for spiritual formation.

The Breakdowns – Tutorials breaking down the weekly Tap Dance Note (15-20min videos).

Studio Notes – Behind the scenes, and first drafts of projects.

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Writing (and dancing) at the intersection of spiritual formation and creativity. Soli Deo Gloria.


Thinking about spiritual formation and creativity...working it out while tap dancing.