Jan 28 • 17M

Talking Notes – Hungry and Thirsty

A Journey of Transformation

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Talking Notes with host Andrew Nemr, is a podcast about human transformation through the lens of exploration, creation, growth, and connection.
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Welcome to the hard road. We’ve faced poverty, mourning, and the challenge of gentleness together so far, and it doesn’t get any easier. Transformation is difficult, for all the reasons we’ve mentioned before. The cross as presented by Jesus, as a vision for the necessary (even willing) death of our person, in order to be born again, formed again, into a new kind of person is realistic – it’s not melodramatic. While the giving up of everything at one time is a common experience, I’ve have noticed God work in a more focused way with me as well. This week we continue to take the turn from how the experience of the Kingdom the Heaven transforms our experiences to how the Kingdom of Heaven transforms our person.

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