Jan 21 • 16M

Talking Notes - The Meek

A Journey of Transformation

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Talking Notes with host Andrew Nemr, is a podcast about human transformation through the lens of exploration, creation, growth, and connection.
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“I’ve been meeked!”

I read this line a few weeks ago in a lovely book by Charlie Shedd. He was describing a friend’s reaction to moments in his life when he had essentially been put in his place. Meekness is a funny word. It isn’t common in the current English language. We don’t see it in print, or hear many people use it in public with any frequency. Yet, here it is, just three lines into the propositions Jesus is setting forth about what life in the Kingdom of Heaven is like. Meekness is often thought of as something having to do with humility. But there’s a little more to it than that. The word is more literally translated as mild, and by extension, having a mild disposition, or gentleness of spirit. One can envision humility being a part of that, but meekness is much more than being humble.

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