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Ep. 84 Tap Dance Notes

Weekly Explorations in Tap Dance Land

Multiple tips of the hat happen in this week’s note. I used a starter from the book of Steve Condos, which opened the door for a RIFF from the book of Henry LeTang. I’ve been playing around with structure recently, too. Here is a three and a break with some playful modifications. The second repetition of the three is modified to keep some interest, while the break ends in a syncopation. Steps like this feel like mini stories. There’s a beginning, middle, and end. In this case the ending is a little like a cliffhanger, asking, “What’s going to happen next?” We’ll all have to wait until I revisit this step to find out.

Breakdown available here (exclusively for paying subscribers).

Is there something you’d like me to try in a Tap Dance Note? I’m game. Let me know by leaving a comment.

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Tap Dance Notes
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