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Ep. 83 Tap Dance Notes

Weekly Explorations in Tap Dance Land

Another three and a break, and one that swings, too! After the last Ted Levy inspired note I’ve found myself enjoying rediscovering these kinds of steps. Instead of spending time finding rolls or grooves, these steps remind of the beauty of simple melodies. Like the music that they would have been discovered alongside, the beauty and simplicity of the melodic line is what makes the step. Yes, there is syncopation, and yes, there is technique to execute, but either of those is central. It’s the line in it totality – and here especially the break – that give this step its character.

Breakdown available here (exclusively for paying subscribers).

Is there something you’d like me to try in a Tap Dance Note? I’m game. Let me know by leaving a comment.

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Tap Dance Notes
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