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Ep. 71 Tap Dance Notes

Weekly Explorations in Tap Dance Land

DIGITS + ACCENTS = Steve Condos!!! This roll is like a brainteaser + tonguetwister + jigsawpuzzle. It has the structure of three and a break which is helpful. BUT, to get the accents where I wanted them on the break I had to switch up the basic pattern I was using. Massive confusion ensued, as my feet just wanted to stay in the repetition of the three and not change to the pattern of the break. The two patterns are similar enough that the clarification took some time. You can hear that the groove itself hasn't quite settled yet either – some of the toe drops drop a little early, then get corrected. But that's all part of the process, and keeps me engaged. All in all, this is a beast of a pattern that I'll be working out for a bit...

Breakdown available here (exclusively for paying subscribers).

Is there something you’d like me to try in a Tap Dance Note? I’m game. Let me know by leaving a comment.

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Tap Dance Notes
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