Ep. 67 Tap Dance Notes

Weekly Explorations in Tap Dance Land

Oh boy, this one had me working!!! Some steps are really sparse and minimalist. This one is full, rolling, and moving. The ride is all over the place, like a rollercoaster and has twists and turns both physically and rhythmically. The thing that really provides the glue here are the dynamics – accents that make up a short rhythm, that's the spine of the larger step. All the twist, fills, turn of phrases, and jumps sit on top of this spine. It is this spine, too, that must settle and groove in order for the step to feel settled – for it to feel like its coming out naturally, effortlessly, even on its own. This is the work drummers, percussionists, even bassists (actually anyone in the rhythm section) are well familiar with. It's the stuff that makes me want to keep working, and others draw towards a groove, begin to tap their foot, bob their head, snap their fingers, and eventually even get up and dance.

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