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Ep. 65 Tap Dance Notes

Weekly Explorations in Tap Dance Land

SPEED!!! I don't think I've ever shared a step that was this fast – both in tempo and pacing. Speed is one of those skills that is technical, impressive, and a powerful tools for artistic expression...but not inherently artistic. I can point to many many amazing tap dance performances in which no speed was used. In music, slow songs can evoke just as much meaning (if not sometimes more) than the fast ones. That said, sometimes speed is exactly what is needs to get the point across, and it is a huge drag to want to hit a particular pace and not be able to make it. So, here we are, working it out. And just for good measure, it seems I am still in the wing theme, too. I caught myself wanting to fly a bit in the middle of all the speed!

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Is there something you’d like me to try in a Tap Dance Note? I’m game. Let me know by leaving a comment.

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Tap Dance Notes
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