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Ep. 64 Tap Dance Notes

Weekly Explorations in Tap Dance Land

Oh the joys of the triplet! It seems that no matter how much I hear, or explore other rhythmic motifs, the triplet finds me and captures my imagination. The triplet feels like the place that work happens. It's not speedy, nor is it slow. It's not particularly impressive, nor is it lame. It requires attention but is not attention seeking. It also has a great many wonders waiting for those who decide to consider its depths. It resembles a kind of reality in life in these ways. It simply is, and when encountered, confronts me with a sense of clarity. As if to say, "Here I am, want to dance?" Yes, please.

Sidenote: After a recent episode featured a high flying wing, I thought about exploring other expressions of the wing. This step has the wing staying on the floor as part of the triplet roll. Not everything has to fly to be useful.

Breakdown available here (exclusively for paying subscribers).

Is there something you’d like me to try in a Tap Dance Note? I’m game. Let me know by leaving a comment.

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Tap Dance Notes
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