Ep. 46 Tap Dance Notes

Weekly explorations in Tap Dance Land

Aug 8, 2023

Travel back in time with me to 1989, when Gregory Hines was hosting "Tap Dance in America" – affectionately known as the PBS special – featuring some of the best tap dancers of the time (and before time). The finale featured the entire cast dooing a single step – you can find it on the YouTube. The step has been a source of study and inspiration for me for a long time. This step here is a variation of that original. I seem to hover around these kinds of steps that have historical reference (even predating the PBS Special), a little challenge (those SHUFFLES!), AND a little bit of modern vocabulary sprinkled in for good measure.

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Let me know what think of this week’s step, what you’re working on, or something you’d like to see me try by leaving a comment.

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