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Ep. 43 Tap Dance Notes

Weekly explorations in Tap Dance Land

By REQUEST (you know who you are)! For the past few years I've been keeping a low profile in the tap dance scene – not many festivals, or traveling. That doesn't mean that I don't check in with my tap dance friends. This step came out of me after having a wonderful conversation with one of those friends. See, for me, tap dance is deeply connected to relationship, history, emotion, personality, even community. This is not the kind of step that normally comes out of me, but it is, if I think of this particular friend – when and how we met, what we've done together since, and how I know we feel about each other. I just hope they like it :-)

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Let me know what think of this week’s step, what you’re working on, or something you’d like to see me try by leaving a comment.

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Tap Dance Notes
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