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Thank You – A Year In Review

Thanks for being with me in the journey...

Hi Friends,

This last note of the year is a little different. At the end of the year have learned to turn my thinking towards reflection. As an artist, the work I do is never far from my experience of life, the things I’m actually thinking about, and what I’m working out in myself. As a freelancer, however, I often jump from project to project without much time to reflect in the middle of the season. So it has come to the end of the year to be a time of reflection for me. That said, I wanted to share with you some of what all has happened in the past year. In the midst of really hard things, there were some really good things, too. So here it is.


Everything in Tap Dance Land is about people. I like to say that a lot. In truth, it is something I had to learn. I’ve had to learn this in life as well. That’s why I’m starting with thinking about the people who made this year special. Numerous trips over the course of this year would not have been possible without generous assistance in travel and hosting. Others encouraged me during rehearsal processes as more work began opening up, and I found myself having to remember how to perform on a stage in front of people. Even others made generous connections, came alongside me as I developed new projects, and have become friends.

And then there is you. Many of you have decided to support my work here by subscribing, even becoming paying subscribers. Your support of me here ripples out into every other avenue of my work. The regularity of my writing and tap dance practice that The Notes require, and the regular financial income your support provides, has given me a sense of grounding in my work that had eluded me for years.

So, thank you.

EXPLORE – Projects

Creative projects are at the heart of my work. These projects are where all the stuff that is on the inside comes out. Here are the highlights of 2022:

  • The Notes – This year I launched two new sections exclusive to paid subscribers: the Breakdowns – short deconstructions of the weekly Tap Dance Notes – and Asking the Questions – question-driven deep dives into The Note of the week.

  • Identity: The Andrew Nemr Story – This documentary short about my life was featured in nine(!) film festivals, winning Best International Short Documentary at the Lebanese International Film Festival. The film also screened in private settings including for dance and film majors at Grand Canyon University, and at the Fieldstead and Company Gallery (watch the live performance and talkback here).

  • What We Leave Behind – This art project was a baby of the pandemic. Birthed from my time in the InBreak Residency, I was so excited to have the opportunity to show the work in public at Surel’s Place (Garden City, Idaho).

  • Rising to the Tap - After two years of being off the stage, I returned with this show in an acclaimed three night run in Atlanta! See the profile in ARTS ATL, here.

CREATE – Services

Services are my way of translating my art practice into creative and training services for the greater good – reaching out to industries that can benefit from what I’ve learned in the performing arts.

  • Tap Dance + Empathy Building – This year I got to present this workshop, for a group of museum directors, curators, and programmers, and I did it at the Smithsonian! The workshop is now available for corporate teams as a fun and unique way to kinesthetically explore the more enigmatic aspects of empathy building.

GROW – Courses and Coaching

  • Spiritual Formation for Artists – After more than a year in development, this course launched in the fall with a wonderfully engaged cohort and encouraging feedback. New cohorts are already scheduled and open for registration for the coming!

  • Professional Mentor Coaching – Every year I make sure to hold some time in my schedule for 1:1 coaching. This year my coaching expanded from only serving tap dancers to serving folks working at the intersection of art and faith. I don’t advertise this aspect of my work much relying primarily on word of mouth. I only have three slots available at the beginning of 2023, but since you are here, maybe you know someone (including yourself) who might benefit from having me on your team. If so, drop me a line.

Press from the Past Year

Getting reviewed, profiled, or otherwise mentioned is a major part of having a public career. This year has been full of some really good things in that regard.

Andrew featured on the cover of AramcoWorld Magazine

I landed my first magazine cover with this profile piece in AramcoWorld Magazine. This was a huge highlight as I was blessed to work with a phenomenal team (editor, writer, photographer, videographer, and more!) that took great care in putting the whole story together.

Additionally I had the opportunity to be interviewed on the following podcasts:

Each captures a unique aspect of how my exploration of the connection between artistic practices and spiritual formation is developing.

What’s Next

I’m excited for incremental growth next year. I have ideas for new additions in The Notes, points of expansion for many of the projects already mentioned, and one or two brand new things, too.

I’ll be on a break next week, so no Note, but look forward to getting back together with everyone as we enter 2023. May the peace and wonder of a world deeply cared for and loved be upon you in your days and nights.

BONUS: Watch me dance with the impeccable Tommy Emmanuel C.G.P.

The Notes with Andrew Nemr
The Notes with Andrew Nemr
Andrew Nemr