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Just a quick note to say thank you for supporting this endeavor. Getting ones thinking right is the first step in any pursuit and you have been an integral part to this exploration of spiritual formation and creativity. However, such explorations can be esoteric at times, so here are some hard numbers about what you actually supported this year:

  • 207 total posts

  • 42 Talking Notes

  • 3 Interviews

  • 50 Tap Dance Notes with corresponding Breakdowns

  • 37 Asking the Questions

  • 13 Studio Notes

What that really means

Every Talking Notes and corresponding Asking the Questions takes 6-8hrs of work to create, edit, and post. Every Tap Dance Note and corresponding Breakdown takes 2hrs of work to create, edit, and post. Every Studio Note can take up to 3hrs of work to create, edit, and post.

I don’t have a team to speak of just yet, so every bit you do goes directly to supporting my ability to continue this work. And as you can see, it is hours upon hours of work that you are supporting.

Every time you share a post, encourage a friend to subscribe, or move from a free subscriber to a paying one, it’s support.

Thank you

Without the sharing, the feedback, and the ongoing conversation, these ideas would lay dormant. So, thank you for being there with me in this exploration. I hope that you have found something worthwhile in the posts of this past year, and I looking forward to exploring more with you in 2024.

This is the very last post for 2023, so, until next time, be sure to tell the people you love how you feel.


The Notes with Andrew Nemr
The Notes with Andrew Nemr
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