The Notes with Andrew Nemr
The Notes with Andrew Nemr
Talking Notes – The Peacemakers

Talking Notes – The Peacemakers

A Journey of Transformation

I’m telling my fourth joke of the night. They have all been puns. I’ve been on a roll, but this one is a swing and a miss. I chuckled to myself and said to the audience, “I guess I am my father’s son.” My dad loves to play with words. So much so that it’s a sport to keep up with him. He’s got three solid languages under his belt, too. Imagine conversations sprinkled with multilingual puns and dad jokes. I’ve been immersed in this world for much of my life. Add to this my own predisposition for unearthing unique relationships, and enjoying a good laugh, and it is no wonder that I would become the kind of performer who enjoys sharing word play as good humor. Yup, I am my father’s son.

Now what about the children of God?

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The Notes with Andrew Nemr
The Notes with Andrew Nemr
Andrew Nemr, a critically acclaimed tap dance artist, explores the intersection of creativity and spiritual formation.
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