Aug 6 • 8M

Talking Notes - Part With One Another

How Do We Partake?

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Join host Andrew Nemr in explorations at the intersection between what we believe, what we do, and who we become. From tap dancing and public speaking, to spiritual formation and Jesus, nothing is off the table in his weekly Talking Notes.
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In the upper room, in his final moments with his friends, Jesus decided that he would wash their feet. This was a gesture full of symbolism. He, having been their teacher and leader, would take the position of a servant. In doing so, Jesus worked to continue to undermine the stereotypical ideas of teachers and leaders that would often come to mind for his friends. The recounting of this moment, found in the book of John is often used for this purpose – to help us rethink the nature of leadership. However, this week I've been thinking about another aspect of the story...taking part with one another.

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