The Notes with Andrew Nemr
The Notes with Andrew Nemr
Talking Notes - Being the Joy

Talking Notes - Being the Joy

How might we be?

I’m in Tacoma, Washington, at the inaugural Zion International Film Festival. Identity: The Andrew Nemr Story is an official selection, and I’ve made the trip to support the film, meet some people, and make myself available to whatever else might happen (one never knows). In a scene from the film, I’m driving in my car pontificating on the nature of my relationship to my dancing. I say, “The way my dancing is now, it’s more about the joy of dancing in the presence of my Lord, than working anything out.” In one of the post-screening Q&A sessions, I received the following question, “How did you get from your dancing as an expression of working something out, to it being an expression of joy in the presence of your Lord?”

Now that is a good question.

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The Notes with Andrew Nemr
The Notes with Andrew Nemr
Andrew Nemr, a critically acclaimed tap dance artist, explores the intersection of creativity and spiritual formation.
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